Magic Workshop

Why Learn Magic?

We are often asked the real world benefits of learning magic. For clearly, everybody may not see themselves performing magic on a stage or wish to develop a career as a magician.

Here are 5 Wonderful Benefits of Learning Magic

  • Your Self-Confidence will see a strong boost
  • Develops creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Improves public speaking & presentation skills
  • It is the best ice-breaker one can have to make new friends
  • Protection against pseudoscientific scams and frauds

We Conduct Fun & Interactive Magic Workshops

Places we goes to, to conduct magic workshops, are SCHOOLS, SHOPPING MALLS & PRIVATE PARTIES.

Magic Bootcamp for Republic Polytechnic

Learn Magic You Can Do With Everyday Objects (Schools)

When it comes to school programs, we offer magic classes from the fundamentals to even advance courses. Course fee starts from $15 per pax with materials prepared for students to bring home.

Some of the magic routines and props we will give out during these workshops are:

1) Coin through glass Magic
2) Pen through Paper Bills Magic
3) Classic Ring & Rope Magic
4) Floating Bill Magic

Each of these magic effects are carefully selected and will bring lots of fun in the learning process for the students.

Give us a call at 91546135 for more information.

More Workshops We Offer

We also conduct fun and interactive balloon sculpting classes. Balloon sculpting is a fun course for people of all ages!

School Courses:


It really depends on your school's preference. We will be able to take classes as small as 10 students to the entire school at one go. We can incorporate interactive games during school workshops conducted in the school halls. As an enrichment course, we will be able to provide for you the detailed modules and lesson plans. We can conduct them in monthly or even weekly basis.

Team-building Workshops for Corporate Companies:

32/Pax (with pump retailing at $10),  25/Pax (w/o pump)
-Minimum 10 pax to start a class

Incorporating balloon art with team-building assignments, the balloon workshops brings fun and effective in bringing up the company's bonding. Balloon sculpting techniques are taught with details.
Our clients includes Pu-tien, MOE and many other companies.

Workshops for Public Shopping Malls:

This is the BEST WAY to engage your shoppers! Call us for more information !!!

Give us a call at 91546135 for more information.