Sunday, October 28, 2018

Kayla's 7th Birthday Party

Our partner company: Carnival Empire, did a amazing job handling this mega birthday party!

Claw Machine Rental (Doll House Design)

Carnival empire specializes in renting out big arcade machines for corporate events. We got them to rent us their pink doll house claw machine to match this birthday party's theme. What's inside the claw machine? We have them put in 20 x blue and pink unicorns as "door gifts" for the kids to bring home after they caught them. Super cool right?

Next we have the Shark Torpedo Bouncer!

The outdoor portion of this big bungalow is actually facing the sea. Thus we got them a underwater theme castle, the shark torpedo. It allows up to 6 kids to be playing at the same time. Not a lot but there are many other activities going on too. So if you want to rent a bouncy castle, you know who to look for!

Game Host

Popcorn and candyfloss machine rental

Here's what really happened at the party: