Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Fantastic Weekend!

Last Weekend was AWESOME!

In fact, we have magic show bookings from last Wednesday all the way until this Monday! It was super tiring but we had fun~!

Here are some of our FAVOURITE Magic Show Moments:

This was a corporate client, HOST Pte Ltd, who did a company retreat last weekend. This also wasn't the first time they engage us!

Over the week, we also did some beautiful Face-painting for parties. Here is our in-house face-painter in action:


So before showtime, we will set up our professional backdrop, which is very portable by the way! Just in case you thought we carry it as it is around *haha. And we have two professional speakers which plays the music on one side and the other side projects my voice.

Here are some segments during the show where i release some laughing gas into the room. Just kidding. It's just that the magic tricks were that funny!


Til next time!~

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