Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Art Of Astonishment

I feel so much passion for performing Magic, even after 9 over years. Magic never gets bored. Though every weekend we had to repeat our routines, but the audiences are different. When the audiences are different, this is when things gets interesting!

It is a totally different experience entertaining and astonishing different audiences. From children, to the older children, and even their parents. While most Singaporeans adults treats magic like puzzle, kids love to be astonished.

Magic is more than just fooling the eyes, and making you laugh or smile. The fact that you are witnessing something impossible happening in front of you, that moment of astonishment is priceless! By making the impossible possible, i believe it gives us hope. The hope to overcome anything in life. That's Magic!

Signing off: Mr Rabbit the Magician

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