Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mr Rabbit Magic Show Environment

Indoor Versus Outdoor

When we perform for birthday parties, the two different kinds of venue we have are indoor and outdoor. So what are the pros and cons? Let's find out!

Indoor venue is a much cooling environment, especially when there is aircon. Usually the environment is "cleaner" and children have no problem sitting on the floor to watch the magic show. Last but not least, sound volumes can easily be amplified.

Outdoor environment can be much warmer most of the times. Sound systems have to be good enough to project the magician's voice and music volume. Where the children sits can also be an issue. But there is a plus point to performing outdoor, which is the mood of the performance. As it is outdoor, there might be passerby stopping to watch the show, and the open area allows the atmosphere of the show to be at a high energy mood!

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