Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Happy Clients, happy me!

Last weekend was super busy! We had so many parties to attend from saturday til monday. Yes, even on monday we are booked for a show! So finally tuesday i got to rest for a day and wednesday was a day to run some errands. So finally it's thursday and i got to blog here.

On sunday night, i attended this birthday party and performed my magic show for this super friendly family. The daddy and mummy was very nice to me, the kids were coorperative and having fun at the same time. Everything was just so perfect! And of course, i felt so blessed to be able to perform for them and their guests.

So before i left, i asked for a short video testimonial and this is it!

Having said that, in fact all the parties and all the daddies and mummies throughout the weekend was fantastic as well. One of the mummy even gave me and my 2 assistants an angbao each!

Til next time guys! - Mr Rabbit signing off