Thursday, June 2, 2016

The time I was called up on stage


When was the last time you got called up on stage? Was it a positive experience? I’m not sure about you, I have been called up on stage twice in my life. Once was when i was really young, when the Emcee told me to go up on stage to sing the song titled, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I was so nervous that I had forgotten the lyrics. Woah, it was really embarrassing. However, I wouldn’t forget the experience when everyone was told cheered me on by the Emcee. Despite the failure to complete the song and not winning the prize, I walked off the stage with a positive experience. It really did impact me ever since then. Being a professional entertainer today, I have learnt to create positive experiences for my audiences. It is not a daily affair for us to be called onto stage. It is important that the individual being called doesn’t leave the stage with negativity. I can only imagine if i left the stage back then without any applause, without any cheering. It is either dead silence and stares or, worse still, jeering, I will probably have stage fright in the future.

Surprisingly, I was only called onto stage twice in my life ( at least these are the moments where i remember going up onto stage) The recent one was during my trip to Genting, when I was watching Superstars of Magic. I was there to watch my favourite performer, Aaron Crow. I managed to watch him on youtube during his BGT performance. Let’s fast forward bait more. Somehow, I was lucky enough to be called onto stage by him that very night! I got reminded of how exactly it feels like. The excitement to be called onto stage.

I was on the edge of my seat when I was watching the act. When I was told that I’m selected, it was one of the most exhilarating moment. Think about it, you’re going onto stage to help your idol to complete his masterpiece. Isn’t it a thrilling experience? It was a rare experience for me (at least). Given a bag of rice, I was told to stand and wait for the whole act to be ready (You may watch the act here: youtube link ). After completing the act together with the performer, I was flushed with triumph. All smiles. Again, that familiar cheering and clapping below the stage. It was an unforgettable evening.

Pursuing a full time entertainment career has allowed me to bring ‘it’ forward to the next group of audience. As long as you’re my lovely audience, you shall be treated the way I had felt and leave you with a positive memorable. I was fortunate enough to be able to experience positive onstage moments and my act has been consistently focusing on creating a positive experience for all my audience.

Have you ever been called up onstage? If not, you would know that the probability of getting caught up on stage is really rare but precious. Thus, during most of my birthday party performance, I would consult my party host if the birthday child is open to be the participant of show. The experience of being called onto stage, I believe, has to be carried forward the right way. Belt with years of experience as a performer, I do my very best to accomplish that for all the birthday child.

P.S. I wish sharing some of my memories and experience will make you understand my passion towards my art and my audience. Thank you for reading.

Signing off.Bertram Yang | Professional Entertainer