Sunday, June 26, 2016

Kind words from clients after Magic Show last weekend

Last weekend, we did several magic shows all around Singapore. One of the shows, on saturday night, was unforgettable. It wasn't a regular birthday party, but a family day event for HOST PTE LTD. They booked a chalet at NSRCC and celebrated their company's family day.

Mr Rabbit and team arrived at 6.30pm, performed from 7pm til 8.30pm. 

We started with our Magic show performance. You know what, the reactions of the kids are fantastic! And even the adults are joining in the fun !!! What else can i ask for than a awesome crowd. It was an amazing 30 minutes. And then we moved on to sculpting balloons for everyone...

Testimonial by the Organizers from Host Pte Ltd:

During the balloon sculpting session, it seems that the Organizers wanted balloons as well. At the beginning, we were too busy making balloon sculptures as amazing as we could for the children. And when we finally have time for the adults, we made two sculptures for the Organizers. They were very very happy with everything. Therefore i took this chance to film a short testimonial from them !!! Smart me !

Once again, we are super grateful for the wonderful experiences they gave us. It just doesn't feel like we are working when we enjoyed ourselves so much.

-Mr Rabbit Signing Off