Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mr Polka Magic Show

Mr Polka's Website is Revamped!

Here is the website url:

So the guy on the left is JY, as known as Mr Polka. *haha* I am just kidding, Mr Polka is the one on the right. On the left is world's renowned magician Liu Qian.

So Mr Polka's new site is just super cool! Upon going into his site, you will see a handsome cartoon magician pointing a magic wand at you. This cartoon character was done by a friend of ours who is extremely good in cartoon character designing. It was drawn to resemble Mr Polka the Magician in real life!

And upon waiting for a couple of seconds, you will see another awesome image. This was taken by "Awesome Memories Photography". Feel free to check them out! Look at how happy the kids are.

Our working relationship with Mr Polka The Magician is that we will highly recommend each other's magic shows to client. Sometimes clients come back to us after hiring us for 2 to 3 times, and ask us if we have other children entertainment to offer. We will recommend them Mr Polka's Magic Show. The show's style is completely different from Mr Rabbit's Magic show, he does more sleight of hands and amazing stuffs. While Mr Rabbit's magic show is more of a highly interactive comedy magic show.

So do check him out! Cheers!

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