Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Those who don't believe in magic will never find it

Mr Rabbit had been performing for close to 9 years now, yes it's almost a decade.

The entire magic show routine changed about 9 times, basically every year we will have a new show. Honestly it feels great every time, performing for kids who loves magic so much!

 To us, magic performers, it actually feels really great when we are appreciated. Judging by the happiness and amazement received by our audiences, we can tell if we've delivered a good job.

Most adults treats magic like a puzzle. They want to find the secrets of the magic, and solve/understands the trickery behind it. Children are different, they enjoy magic shows like how we adults enjoy movies and concerts. They will not perceive magic as a puzzle, but will believe that magicians have special powers. This is the way to truly enjoy magic as an artform.

Well, magicians are just actors playing the role of a magician. You do not have to break the magician's code each time you watch a magic show. Just allow yourself to "believe" in magic for the moment, and enjoy the performance!

So as the saying goes: Those who don't believe in magic will never find it

Dino Theme Dessert Table

Party Fiestar did some awesome dessert table last week. The theme is Dinosaur.
Customized cupcakes and dessert table were so amazing! You need to check them out here on Party Fiestar's Facebook Page

Book them for your next birthday party? This is the web link: