Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The best magic happens in your hands!

There are many forms of magic, but most magicians specializes only in one to two areas.

What you see Mr Rabbit performs for kids birthday parties are the Parlor Style Magic Show. Where people crowd around to watch a magic show. At a parlor situation, the magicians' choice of magic props ranges from the little trickeries to even stage illusion props. Unlink a stage show which small props can't be seen unless you have a close-up camera, parlor magic allows you to still perform the smaller props.

Speaking of which, performing for children had been our speciality for over a decade. Now, every time we start a magic show, everyone will start eyeing on our magic props (which are suppose to be colourful and attractive, after all its a "Kids Show"). And the thoughts running through their mind will be: "these are fake", "the magic are performed using the tricks in the props". And I will not deny as well, magic aren't real (of course you know that). Magicians are just actors playing the role of a magician. So how do we make the magic as real as possible, so that the audience can enjoy the artform?

One of the best experience you could ever have, is seeing magic happening on your hand!

I remember when i was 8, when my student care centre's teacher placed a sponge ball into my hands. And then when i opened my hands, 5 to 6 sponge balls popped out! I will never forget that feeling of that magical moment. Because everything happened IN MY HANDS.

When i was 15, same thing happened to me again. A classmate placed a playing card onto my hand. It was a 7 of hearts. And upon doing some magical gesture, i flipped open the card and it turns into the Ace of Spades! I was like "OH MY GOD, WOW!!!"

That's how i fell in love with magic. Not after seeing women getting sawed in half or female assistants levitating. Because in my mind it's props and illusions. But the magic which happened in my hands, it just felt so REAL!

"The most beautiful magic, is magic that happens in the spectator's hands" - Mr Rabbit