Thursday, February 18, 2016

Magic show for kids, performing in childcare centres

Mr Rabbit recently has several bookings for our children magic show package.

It is a $380 magic plus balloon package, a total duration of 1 hour 45 minutes of fun!

Usually for magic show bookings which falls on weekdays, the venue will be in the birthday child's children care centre.

The magic show will usually be performed to the combined classes, not just solely the birthday boy/girl 's class. Yes, everyone should have fun together!

In some cases while other classes are busy with their activities, we go ahead with the magic and balloon performances with just one class.

 Performing in schools is a super fun task to do. Mr Rabbit feels that with the teachers help in coordinating the show and performance sequence, nothing will ever go wrong. It's always a smooth sail.

 Nevertheless, Mr Rabbit does most of his magic shows in condominium function rooms~!
Kids sometimes gets a little too active, therefore we always have assistants/party-coordinators to ensure the show goes smoothly and safely.

We have our own special way to organize the kids. Parents and clients often tell us: "You guys are really good in handling the kids and making sure the pay attention to the show throughout".

Well, one of the secrets is in our magic show sequence. And our show sequence is to combine the different style of magic presentations into our show. We have mass participation magic, solo participation magic, silent magic acts, and engaging silent acts. These are the different sequences arranged in a unique way to keep the children's attention spent focus on our Kids Magic Show.

It's really not easy to capture kids' attention!

And of course, fun is the KEY! When it's fun, children can play for hours!

Signing off!
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