Thursday, January 14, 2016

Congrats to the opening of Party Fiestar

A very good friend of us opened her kids party planning company, Party Fiestar, on 1st Jan 2016. Yes beginning of this year! Once again a huge congrats.

Party Fiestar, the one stop kids party planning company based in Singapore.

Well Jessie already had many years of experience organizing events and parties from her past work experiences. She also partnered with some of her vendors which actually had more than a decade of experience in party planning services.

It's a pretty cool name especially for a kids party planner, from one glance you will know that they are party planners. And their business is picking up well! Heard from her that she had over 10 bookings on the 2nd week of her opening.

Party Fiestar specializes in bunting decorations, and they have lots of cool party services as well. One of them is their popcorn and candyfloss machine rental. Their popcorn actually have flavours!

This is their macha popcorn, do check out their popcorn page here! :

And of course they have magic shows as well, do check their magic show for kids, packages here!

Once again, congrats and wishing her good business in years to come!