Sunday, July 19, 2015

Breaking the magician's code

Hi guys, today i am going to blog about breaking the magician's code. Basically this topic is about people who treats magic like a puzzle and who wants to "solve" it. Understanding how it works basically spoils the magic, not just against the magician, but against yourself.

When you are watching a magic show as a lay person, the astonishing moment gives you the magical feeling. It's an awesome feeling, i am sure. Well for magicians, we don't have that feeling anymore. Perhaps once in a while our fellow magicians creates something that could astonish us too, but most of the time we miss that feeling.

During a children birthday party, i would say there are 4 kinds of kids as audiences of a magic show. 

Number 1 is the Magic Believer. Often they believes in magic so much that they come up to me after the show and ask me where i get my "powers" from. I would normally tell them that its a secret. I feel that keeping the magic moment in their hearts helps them to have the believe that everything is possible. Thats what magic is all about.

Number 2 will be the Curious Kid. They have 101 questions to ask me. And i will try my best to answer them all the best i can, but often i have to mis direct them to something else. The questions never ends, haha.

Number 3 is the Shy kid. They love magic, and they observes from afar. Smiles quietly and enjoys the show.

Number 4 is the Heckler. I wouldn't say that they are trying to spoil the magician's routine, however they are the curious kids. The often treats a magic show like a puzzle, and its only norm to shout out the "answer" to the puzzle. They will normally say things like: "the bag has got something inside already!" or "i know how it is done!" Well the best way is to smile at them and tell them, "well then you got to keep it a secret".