Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The magical journey at Red Dot Museum

Mr Rabbit had an awesome experience performing at the Red Dot Museum. The birthday boy was the son of the owner of the museum, how cool is that? When we started the magic show for the kids, we chose the perfect spot. The spot whereby i could have the best lighting and most spacious area for the kids to settle down for the magic show.

Thank goodness i brought along my fully charged speaker which i will not use when the space is small. However this is such a huge open space and i am glad i had my microphone for the kids magic show. If not i will have to be on the top of my voice all the way throughout the magic show.

Puff! And just one puff, just like MAGIC!

As the magical finale of Mr Rabbit kids magic show for all birthday parties, we have the flying table illusion. It was the only segment of the show where everyone tones down their voices, listens to my music and watch the illusion in awe. I certainly love this moment of the magic show. I invited the birthday boy up for participation, hope to bring him an unforgettable birthday in his childhood.
I would say magic is more than just trickery or a performing art. It is a symbol of hope, a glimpse of light in your darkest moments. It tells you that the impossible can be possible, and when there is faith, there is hope, and miracles can happen. That magic!