Saturday, May 2, 2015

Why does kids love magic shows?

Why magicians for kids birthday parties? 

Because children love them! But why do they love magic shows? Read on to find out.

Children enjoying the magic show

1) The Balloon Elements

Most magicians in Singapore will add in balloons into the routines. The reason being children love balloons. Especially when the balloons are sculpted/twisted into the favorite balloon sculptures!
Mr Rabbit inflates a balloon with his mouth

2) Comedy

Comedy is another key factor in a kids birthday magic show. Children love what they see and hear during the show, especially when it is funny. The moment they burst into laughter, the adults will also smile along. Comedy gets attention from kids easily too! It's a great form of entertainment when added into a magic show.
Stretching a balloon
Mr Rabbit and the one and only magic sausage!

3) Magic Word

It is important to have a magic word (along with an action) in a good magic show. First of all it gets the kids participated along the show. And most importantly, it makes the little minds believe in magic. It fulfills their fantasies and also bring them to believe in the magician's magic.

4) The Magic Moment

What makes the magician and magic show magical? That's the magic moment. The moment when children visually sees magic happening right in front of their eyes. For kids magic shows, the magic moments have to be visual and easy to understand. It must be something straight forward, moments that looks as if in fair-tales or movies.

Mr Rabbit catching the lights thrown by the audiences
And that's what forms up a good magic show and that's why children love magic shows so much!