Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bunny bunny magic show for kids birthday party

"What's the magic word?"

"Bunny bunny!"

Enter the world of magical wonders with Mr Rabbit in his 30 minutes showtime. Kids get to have lots of fun while the adults goes: "That's brilliant!" You have to watch the show life to experience it.

I created Mr Rabbit, a fun loving character, back in 2010. It was actually named "Jazz the Rabbit".

However, a good friend of mine who was a judge of a magic competition which i participated in, suggested me to keep the name short and sweet. Thus, there we have it, Mr Rabbit! Fortunately i won champion during that particular competition.

5 years down the road, Mr Rabbit's magic show evolved along the way. We have had life animals for kids birthday party magic show, and then we replaced the segment with illusion props such as the flying table illusion. Mr Rabbit and team are constantly improving our show with valuable feed-backs from our clients.

Everyone have a great weekend ahead, time for some Rabbit Magic!