Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mr Rabbit and friends

This is Mr Rabbit, and welcome to my blog! Through out these many years, we have been receiving bookings for many children magic show. And as you all know, there is only one Mr Rabbit!

Therefore i have many friends who are wonderful magicians, and they performs for the birthday party when i have multiple bookings. Lets take a look at their names.
This is Jy Norvin, as known as Mr Polka. He does fantastic manipulation magic with music and he brings his own sound systems for shows. He is an awesome balloon twister too! This is his website for his magic services.
This is Uncle Jimbo, children's best friend! He is friendly, caring, amazing, magical and funny!
I will give his show 10,000 thumbs up definitely! He performs puppet ventriloquist in his show as well, very worth watching and brings you craving for more!

This is Bertram, he is one of the best magicians out there for family entertainment. He does visual magic effects such as fork bending and many science related magic acts which are very educational.
Parents love him for his witty jokes and charismatic magic performance!

That's all for now folks! Have a magical week ahead. :)