Monday, October 27, 2014

Kids party planning - Magic and balloons for birthday party

This week we talk about organizing a kids birthday party the Mr Rabbit way!

Many parents would love to have a fun filled birthday planned for their child on their precious birthday. In Singapore, party entertainers like kids magician and balloon sculptors are very popular. And in fact many "freelancers" and professional artists are sharing their services online. Therefore choosing the right entertainer is very important.

Lets start from the very beginning, selecting of a party theme:
Upon selecting the theme of the party, its time for you to plan your invitation card and party decorations. Start thinking of some ideas... ...

When it is necessary to hire a balloon artist, do request a special balloon for the birthday child.
A special sculpted balloon will be given to the birthday child to make his/her birthday much more magical!
When your guests come, let everyone have fun. Do consider extending the balloon sculpting service if you have a larger crowd, its worth it!

Magicians can custom their magic shows for your kids party base on the selected theme as well. Mr Rabbit suits any party which you want to have the fun element. *haha
We will do our part to include theme music on our magic routines and even attempt to do related magic acts to the theme you request. Possibilities of our magic show is endless.
Of course, if budget allows, you can have the balloon artist in balloon costumes!
Choose wisely folks~ Til next time!