Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Magical balloon backdrops for events

Mr Rabbit will like to share with you the magical balloon backdrop done by Jocelynballoons

Besides performing magic shows for kids birthday party, Mr Rabbit often help out in balloon decorations as well! Lets look at some amazing designs.

The national day design was done on national day itself. The balloons are designed to fit the theme and a balloon arch was made together with a printed banner from Playful Elves to create a photo backdrop.
Frozen gained so much popularity in the children birthday party scene since the movie was out almost a year ago. Especially for princess party, while Mr Rabbit is performing children magic shows, we always have frozen as the main theme. Jocelyn balloons did this backdrop for Natasha, with customized balloon cartoon characters and decorations.
This is a balloon backdrop design done up for Jade!
The animal theme backdrop focuses on the sweet colours and cute little animals.
Wedding balloon backdrops are lovely. Jocelyn is a professional in balloon sculpting, especially in sculpting the wedding couples. This design is her signature piece and i believe it is selling like hotcake in the market
For more information and balloon designs, you can visit her: