Saturday, April 26, 2014

I will say this is the best audience of the year!

Who wants to volunteer?
Mr Rabbit had been so busy with coming out with some new routines and performing every weekend for birthday parties. The most memorable ones are those with super fun kids and thoughtful parents. In fact everyone our team met so far are nice people, thank God for that :)
And just recently we met this group of kids who laughs to almost every sentence during the show!


Even when Mr Rabbit says: "this is the oldest magic prop, that my gong gong gave to me"... ... and they started laughing like crazy!

Its fun, totally fun. They gave Mr Rabbit the best show he would every ask for!
Now its the magic hotdog routine:

This is the magic show's classic game, where is the Pepsi?
Finale of the show will be this beautiful piece of illusion:
Birthday girl joins us on stage:
Hope its a magical experience for her:
Finally thanks everyone for watching the show, my name is Mr Rabbit and i hope to see you again!
 Pose for the magic word, BUNNY BUNNY!!!
Ooops, one last photo where the volunteer (the only boy) was laughing and laughing, haha!
Kids' laughter and smiles are simply priceless.

Til next time, Cheers!