Sunday, April 6, 2014

April began with more magic!

A snap shot of the kids settling down waiting for magic show to start. We were in fact waiting for few more kids to arrive at the birthday party.
 My assistant snapped me a few seconds before i transformed into Mr Rabbit:
And also he snapped a pic of my magic table too:
And finally we began the children magic show... ... with Bunny Bunny pose!
I sent a couple of pics to Jocelyn, and she might just blogged about me on her balloon blog
 Another magic show with the bunny bunny pose:
This birthday party was really a memorable one. The daddy came all the way out to the guard house to pass me the driving special pass so i could drive in, and it was raining.
With that the party started on time and the kids are all ready to have fun!!!
Once they are ready or you know they are ready when they do the Bunny Bunny Mr Rabbit Magic word pose at the camera!!!
Hi girl, what's your name?
This is Mr Rabbit children magic show's classic, where is the pepsi? If you want to know, book us for your party, *haha
The weekend ended with many balloon sculpting and balloon decorations events, follow by three children magic show performances.
Mr Rabbit will be adding in new materials/routines into his usual magic sequence soon.
Reason number one being we have a repeat client who is going to book us again soon and Mr Rabbit can't possibly perform the same magic show twice.
Reason number two being Mr Rabbit love new stuffs! So stay tune folks!!!