Thursday, April 3, 2014

5 places to get good costumes for a themed children birthday party

Mr Rabbit attended an event with all the corporate staffs all dressed up in Alice in Wonderland Theme!
Of course Mr rabbit is in his magic show costume too, and here's the question, where can we buy all these beautifully made costume at a good price?

One of the best place to shop for items for Singaporeans! Even for costumes, they offer quite a wide range of products for both children and adults.
Here is the link to their super hero costumes!

This is the ultimate website to buy all your costumes. Check out their crazy clearance sales and the jaw dropping prices. No hidden costs! Except for shipping to Singapore which might cost a bomb.
But! Do order from them if you need large quantities like maybe 10 pieces of costumes or more!
Divide out the shipping cost and every pieces of costume will certainly be value for money.
And of course, they have the widest range of selections, thousands of costumes!!!

3) ICB Enterprise House
Grab some theme costumes and party supplies off the shelves at good rates, this is the place to go:
For most Singaporeans you would probably know that they are the famous party shop formally from beach road, Concourse.
They have established quite a reputable brand as a party shop. And the staffs are really friendly and helpful, one of the best service you can get. Do visit their party shops for high quality products and good services.
5) 淘宝网 TAOBAO
If you are a online shopper, you will probably be familiar with this website from China.
We used to need an agent to order products from them, but now the rules have changed. The quality of costumes from them is not too bad, and probably you will already know the price is definitely one of the best.
I have copy and paste the link to costume search page:

Enjoy your shopping! And guess where Mr Rabbit got his costume from?
*hint, from one of these 5 places we have just recommended!