Monday, March 17, 2014

Magic Show Pictures taken by Kaden

We had a pretty enjoyable weekend with Screensavers Singapore with Jocelynballoons and team:
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Here are some of the highlights of Mr Rabbit magic show for a fantastic crowd at Punggol Field, the Prive Condominium. The mummy and daddy were really friendly and the children are awesome! We took make photos with them and during the magic show. Thanks to all their daddy and mummies as well. And last but not least, all my awesome magic show photos were taken by Kaden!
Check these out:

My very classic effect and game routine: Where is the PEPSIIII>>>????
Rabbit magic! into the mystery box, what happen next?
Its a secret on what's going to happen next, so book us for your next children party and you will know!
*aha wink!

So here is where they think the Pepsiii ish!!