Thursday, February 27, 2014

Disney, magical journey for all kids

Disney's Treasure Trove, events at Singapore shopping malls are back!

The first stop was at Jems, Jurong east, last weekend. And our team was there not for magic show, but for building their balloon arch.
It was an entrance for the event and the arch had to last for 1 entire week, magic!
We just finished the 2nd set up 2 hours ago at Forum, orchard.
This time round the arch is accompanied by a Pirate canvas display and a x-stand banner promoting their facebook page:
Setting up balloon arches, making sure the sizes are right, finally putting up their logo (the canvas on top of the arch).
 2 more set up for the magical disney.
Disney is forever so magical, and i love their happily ever afters... ... awesomeness.

Its happy to work around them!

Mr Rabbit and team have balloons and magic shows tomorrow, i will see you guys around, cheers. :')