Thursday, February 13, 2014

Children Magic and balloons 2014

Its time for Chinese new year celebration! Its kinda late that i am blogging now but it has been some crazy weeks of events.

Here is Jocelyn from jocelynballoons with her wonderful balloon art for a very special person.
Do visit her blog to find out more.
I helped out Ouji, her husband for the above design which i think he did an amazing job! The horses are really cute :) We completed the balloon design within 2 hours, just like magic!

Next up, the 12 zodiac balloon decoration (arch) with front animals by Jocelyn.
She had 2 helpers and she completed this really quickly too!
Lets start the zodiac from Minion, Rat, Bull, Tiger... ... Minion.. and end with Pig
(haha whats up with the balloon minions?!?!?!)
Ok seriously because client requested minions to be in the design, so yup, innovation!!!
Here is our ultimate balloon arch, very big and very tedious work done.
Done by Ouji and i and this is 8 hours of work!
Back to the small and heart warming parties i performed.
This was after a magic show and i changed to my pink polka vest for balloon sculpting time.
The birthday boy got a balloon minion, haha minion again~~
And tada!!!
A photo of one of my balloon giveaways, and yes we are there just for balloon sculpting for the kids.
As usual a group photo of everyone who had fun, yeah!
The saying goes: if you love what you do, you do not have to work a single day

Mr Rabbit loves performing children magic shows and making balloons for all the kids parties!!! :) :)