Sunday, October 13, 2013

Round Concepts by JocelynBalloons

It has certainly been a while since Mr Rabbit blog about balloons. We have been busy with adjusting to our new office at Wcega Tower, bukit batok crescent. And then shows, birthday parties, shows again and again! We have children's day celebrations going on, F1 events, and finally our balloon event at Yishun Northpoint which ended yesterday. The large scale balloon decoration lasted for 9 entire days!

So here we go, we are going to showcase some artworks that jocelyn made during her "free-time" out of the busy schedules!
Ladies and gentlemen, introducing to you (drum roll ~~~ !!!)
From the creative brain juice of,
Here comes the ROUND CONCEPTS

Balloon giraffe. Personally the hair, to me, is kinda cute!
One of my favourite, the lion, RAWR!!!
but i guess this lion doesnt ROAW or RAWR or ROAR... its just to cute to do so~
Balloon panda which i think is jocelyn's favourite:
Piggie piggie. It will be cool if there is a slit open at the top and it becomes a piggie bank. hmmm
A pair of shoes which jocelyn actually made for a client.
and we have the cartoon tiger:
Last but not least (for now), the ultimate zebra!
More to come folks!