Saturday, May 4, 2013

New Logo For Mr Rabbit - Rabbit Magic !

Behold! the new magic logo for

Mr Rabbit had been doing lots and lots of balloons for parties, shopping malls, and many other events with the help of Miss jocelyn from Jocelynballoons.

Recently, we came out with several balloon sculpting tutorials, which will be extremely helpful for balloon hobbyist and even professionals.

One of our featured artwork will be this pink rabbit!
Our original creation:
 Besides just performing for kids parties, Mr Rabbit participated and helped out for many major events.
Simei's 4 beauty last weekend. This event is to create fun and awareness to simei residence on what the community centre provides for the public. At the same time residences get to enjoy this fun filled event with games, art and craft workshops, stage music performances and last but not least, balloon art by our company's talents.

Balloon dress:
This is one of the most popular "attraction" for the residence.
Many and many photos were snapped!

Getting much more involved in balloon art, Mr Rabbit did a 21st birthday balloon decoration for his good friend Jasmin :)
Its candy theme, so everything is designed to look colourful and fruity!
 Mr Rabbit even made a balloon "Jasmin" for the birthday girl.

The balloon rocking horse design was done for a condominium function room, table centerpieces.
Mr Rabbit made 5 of them in total! 3 small ones and 2 large ones that can be ride on!
How cool is that?

Thats all for now folks!

May God bless you, and have a great weekend ahead!