Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A fun filled magical journey

It was a great day staying over at our studio in Midview City,  brainstorming on jthis balloon project we received 2 weeks ago.
The client wanted to create an anniversary balloon display, and they thought of a tree.

And finally they told us that they wanted a heart shaped tree!

We did the entire design's layout on pen and paper,
and then started working on the design.

Here's the process til the outcome!

Balloon decorations are really fun! We certainly feel a sense of achievement seeing the planned artwork come to life!
Thanks to Mr Kaden for this awesome help in making my balloon tree.

Back to Mr Rabbit magic show:
These are some photos taken by my assistant during my life shows

The broken magic wand!!! Opps
I've got a little girl for participation.. ARE YOU MARRIED? She said NO .
Why is he laughing? You will find out if you happen to be an audience of Mr Rabbit magic show!
The long long tissue from my mouth, it was white.. then pink.. then purple..
RAINBOW coming out of my mouth.. MAGIC!!!
Oh wait, its him again.. he is still laughing!
Stay tune for more!